System Development and Integration

Our team can assist our customer needs with system development, design and integration. We follow an algorithm with multiple steps to help the seamless integration even with the most complex systems assisting our customers through all the stages of the system implementation:

  • research and assessment of the product and technology options based on the customer requirements

  • development of technical specification and criteria

  • preparation of Request for Proposal (RFP) and vendor selection (if system is readily available by vendors) or design and development of a system (if not readily available by vendors)

  • evaluation of the vendors offers and technical requirements negotiations

  • vendors bids and negotiations, Service Agreement (SA) and upgrades negotiation

  • integration planning and management

  • redundancy planning and implementation

  • staged seamless integration

  • final multilevel testing and full migration to the new system

  • complete documentation and drawings

  • continuous trouble-shooting and support

Our goal is to work closely with the customer to ensure complete involvement, understanding and acceptance at each step of the implementation process. This is critical for faster and successful implementation of the system.

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