About Our Company

Progressive Techno-Design is focused on design, development and implementation of new technology solutions for the gaming and casino industry. The company strives to deliver to its customers professional, innovative and reliable quality solutions, technical and expert information exchange, problem analysis and problem solving, product design, development and manufacturing support.

Our products and services capitalize on our insight and intimate knowledge of gaming from the view point of casino operations, the player, conceptualization, design, manufacturing of product, and regulatory requiriments.

We provide critical and comprehensive services to our customers throughout the process of product development and optimization cycle, from technical consultation and feasibility study, concept creation, custom product design and development, reliability and cost efficiency analysis, prototyping and manufacturing, to final product launch and implementation.

Our goal is to accompany the customer throughout every step of the development process and provide complete support, project management, guidance and expertise as required. We are able to advise on adherence to the new technology and regulatory standards and can serve as a liaison between the regulatory bodies and the customer, consult on the regulatory pathways, and provide ongoing support.

Our expertise and value-added services makes it possible for our customers to bring high-performance products to market successfully and more rapidly.

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