Design and Development

We combine our core competencies and expert knowledge in electronic embedded system design and development (including mission critical applications), engineering services, test and analysis, prototype development, project management expertise, to provide complex solutions and respond to our customers' requirements. Depending on the product and the application a separate licence agreement is negotiated and signed with the customer for the IP rights. Our services include a full line of engineering services:

  • product research and feasibility study

  • requirement analysis and technical and functional specification

  • concept development

  • custom product design

  • circuit and PCB design

  • electro-mechanical construction design

  • reliability testing and stress testing

  • prototype development

  • system compatibility testing

  • cost efficiency analysis

  • procurement selection

  • manufacturing and quality control set-up

  • technology design and implementation

  • product launch and commercialization

Progressive Techno-Design adheres to the total quality philosophy and complies with the regulatory standards based on the appropriate jurisdiction. We maintain close relationships with laboratories and authorized certification entities. Our broad international expertise allows for a quick and easy product modification to comply with the local standards and requirements.

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