Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like to contract your services? What is necessary to start?

A: If after reading about our services you think we can help you, please read and follow the next few simple steps or click to review the diagram here:
Step 1 - Initial Contact -We highly encourage you to contact us in order to discuss your project needs and general requirements and determine if we can provide the expertise and services necessary for the completion of your project. To establish the initial contact you can fill out the Service Request Form and submit it or call us. If we determine that we can help you we will go to Step 2.
Step 2 - Discussion and assessment of your project - After the initial contact we will further discuss your idea, project needs and requirements, goals and objectives and undertake necessary research in order to further determine the timescale and the resources necessary for the development and completion of your project. At this stage we may need to enter into an NDA in order to get in-depth into the details of the project and present the plan for completion involving scope of the project, detailed specification of deliverables and timescale, resources and budget.
Step 3 - Sending a proposal and signing an Agreement - Based on the plan we will prepare a proposal and send it to you for evaluation and feedback. If you think something in the plan need to be changed to fit better your needs and requirements we will evaluate appropriate changes to make it suit your needs better. We also will discuss our business terms and after reaching a mutal understanding we will sign an agreement and start working on the project in conformance to the approved plan.

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