How it works

Progressive Techno Design provides turnkey product and system design for gaming applications. These are the six basic steps employed by Progressive Techno Design services:


Step 1: Project Scope. The first step is to understand customer objective and needs, and to define the project scope in order to provide focused and appropriate solutions to the customer requirements. In order to better define the project scope we conduct an evaluation study and ask the customer to fill out an evaluation form.

Step 2: Feasibility Study/Product Research. Based on the predefined project scope, requirements and criteria and whether a new product/system/process design is involved, or a reengineering, optimisation or an upgrade of an existing one is the focus, we will define the model and create a proposal that incorporate the best recommended parameters, and conduct an initial research and proof-of-product/concept study in order to confirm that it meets your stated requirements and objectives. We provide up to 20 hours of technical work at no charge at that time. Also, based on the proposal we will present an estimate of the cost and the timescale of the project.

Step 3: Concept/Design. After formal acceptance of the proposal we will begin the initial concept formulation and design stage. We will undertake a careful research of all the parameters involved in the product development related not only to the performance of the product itself, but also to the working environment space and footprint, ambient temperature, interrelated components and processes, etc. and create a full conceptual design with technical illustrations and assignment. At that early architectural stage we will run a design (circuit) simulation test to ensure the proper design of all of the required functionality and features and resolve any problems in the early design stage.

Step 4: Prototype/Testing. We will develop full specifications, exploded views and render a detailed model of your new or modified product before we create the prototype. After an approval we will develop the software and hardware and fabricate the prototype, test it for signal integrity, reliability and failure rate, functionality and performance, structural integrity testing and send you a test report. We understand the reliability and performance factors for gaming applications and in addition perform highly accelerated stress tests that provide higher confidence for the failure rate under the extreme conditions of hacking attacks. At that stage we can re-evaluate and add additional functionalities and optimize the parameters and the performance if necessary. We will develop blueprints and BOM and optimize component selection based on the forecasted quantities to achieve the best production cost. Also, we can estimate the maintenance expenses and warranty time based on the results of the reliability tests and the expected failure rate.

Step 5: Manufacturing. After the final prototype is approved we will run a control batch and test again before we recommend it for mass production. We will develop the manufacturing documentation, the manufacturing process roadmap with the workflow charts, productions screening and quality control procedures. We can organize the vendor and manufacturer selection, conduct an equipment needs evaluation, as well as refine the procurement process.

Step 6: Ongoing Support. Progressive Techno Design offers ongoing trouble-shooting and technical support, optimization upgrades and modifications for customers who want to subscribe for that service. We also provide an ongoing performance monitoring and evaluation and fine-tuning based on the customer feedback and the specific regulatory requirements. Progressive Techno Design can provide the resources and expertise to support the customer through the regulatory and approval process in different jurisdictions.

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